Magnets and Small Items

When I spend time in the garden, my fascination is with the little things around me. The tiniest blooms and the smallest of insects never fail to attract my eye. In my studio, I am equally interested in smaller-scale canvases for my art. There’s something intimate about a diminutive drawing or photograph hanging on a wall. It invites you to step closer to get a better look. When deciding which pretty useful things to offer in my shop, I couldn’t overlook the smaller objects in our everyday lives that add a bit of beauty while performing a necessary function.

Magnets are a perfect way to bring everyday art and nature into your home or work space! I currently have four types of magnetic art available:

And whether you’re at home or away, why not always have a little piece of art and nature with you! I’m working on several small, shiny aluminum products to add to the shop. Here are a few available now:

Please email if you are in the Twin Cities Metro and would like to make a purchase, or have any questions about this product. Select products will also soon be available on my Etsy shop. Thank You!

Magnetic Puzzle (30 pieces)

Puzzle Magnets (7.5″ x 9.5″ – 30 pieces) – $24 each

Magnetic Puzzles can be fun in addition to being pretty useful! These puzzles have 30 pieces. Each piece is a separate magnet that can be pulled from the picture to hold something up on your refrigerator. The matte felt finished surface won’t show fingerprints. Available in 4 different images.

4″ Square ChromaLuxe Aluminum Panel with 4 magnets

ChromaLuxe Aluminum Magnet (4″ square) – $8 each

These special, oversized magnets are on ChromaLuxe HD Aluminum Photo Panels. The gloss surface provides an incredibly vibrant image, and is extremely durable, scratch and fade resistant. Four magnets (one in each corner) make this magnet incredible strong and versatile. Choose from a variety of pollinator images to add biodiversity to any kitchen or work space!

(more photos coming soon!)

2″ x 3″ Aluminum Magnet

Aluminum Magnet (2″ x 3″ with rounded corners) – $6 each

These fun magnets are more than just pretty! They sport some of the sayings on my most popular face masks, including “Bee Kind,” “Totally Buzzed” and “Keep Calm and Prairie On.” Each magnet has rounded corners and a UV resistant topcoat.

(photos coming soon!)

2.25″ Aluminum Magnet

Aluminum Magnet (2.25″ square or round) – $4 each

Sometimes a picture is definitely worth a thousand words! These little magnets are perfect for adding a pretty picture (or two, or three…) to your space. Mix and match your favorite butterflies, bumble bees and dragonflies. More species and images will be added continuously, so look for the diversity to grow every month. Each magnet has a semi-gloss finish, and is available in either square or round shapes as shown.

(photos coming soon!)

3″ Square Aluminum Bag Tag

2-sided Aluminum Bag Tag (3″ square) – $6 each

Take a little bit or art and nature with you on the go! These 2-sides Aluminum Bag Tags are the perfect complement to any lunch bag, backpack, or piece of luggage. The semi-gloss finish is bright and eye-catching, and you can add your name and contact info on the back side with a permanent marker. Each Bag Tag comes with a clear rubber loop for attaching to your bag. Available in three designs: Monarch Butterfly on Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarnata), Monarch Butterfly on Rough Blazing Star (Liatris aspera) and Monarch Caterpillar on Butterfly-weed (Asclepias tuberosa), and Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Spotted Joe-pye Weed (Eutrochium maculatum).

(photos coming soon!)

2″ x 3″ Aluminum Bookmark

Aluminum Bookmark (2″ x 3″) – $6 each

Every book worm needs a good pollinator bookmark! These small but sturdy Aluminum Bookmarks have a gloss finish and a slot near the top to hold your place in a book. Check back soon for available designs.

(photos coming soon!)